About Us

Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union was founded in 1935 as Pittsburgh Police FCU to serve as a dependable financial institution for Pittsburgh Bureau of Police who belong to the Policemen’s Relief and Pension Fund and who work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here to serve the financial needs of the membership, employees could open a savings account with $5 and become a member for life (for as long as they kept their savings account open). Once a membership was obtained, you become part owner of the credit union, have a vote in electing the credit union Board of Directors each year, and you also gain the potential to borrow funds.

The credit union is considered a non-profit entity because we do not function like a bank with highly paid Board Members and stock options. All profits are used to reward you with higher investment dividends and lower interest rates on loans. We also provide many free services (checking, notary, free bill payment/home banking/electronic statements, no fee debit cards – just to name a few) and we charge lower fees on other services (overdraft/nsf fees, stop payments).

Your money if federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to $250,000.00. The NCUA audits the credit union on a yearly basis and our credit union Supervisory Committee also hires an outside vendor to perform a yearly audit as well. These audits verify that the credit union is operating in compliance with credit union law and that we are transacting business in accordance with the “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” (GAAP).

We are continuously looking to implement new products and services, offer the latest technology, while maintaining a safe and sound environment for you and your money. We care about your well-being and strive to assist you with your needs.

Our Current Field of Membership (how you can be eligible to open an account/join the credit union) is based on employment in the public safety fields (appointed officials of the western Pennsylvania municipalities and boroughs). Members of the Fraternal Order of Police #1 and #91 are also eligible. Feel free to call the credit union to see if you are eligible for our services.

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