9th Annual Scholarship Award Application

G.P.P.F.C.U is currently taking applications for our 9th Annual Scholarship Award.


Two -$1,000 Scholarships will be awarded.


  • All student applicants must be members/account holders of the Credit Union and in good standing
  • Students must have been accepted or enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited institution (minimum of 12 credit  hours per semester for undergraduate and minimum of 6 credit hours per semester for graduate programs) During the fall semester of 2017 to be eligible.
  • Previous G.P.P.F.C.U Scholarship winners are not eligible
  • Employees, Board Members, Supervisory Committee Members and Scholarship Committee members of G.P.P.F.C.U and their immediate families are not eligible.
  • Cumulative G.P.A. must be a “B” average or higher.

Stop down to the Credit Union and pick up an application today.  All applications MUST be received by June 1, 2017

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