We now have Mobile Deposit. You can deposit checks (up to $5,000) with your Iphone or Android mobile phone.

You have to uninstall the current credit union app and go to the app store and reload the Greater Pittsburgh Police FCU app.

When you make a deposit with your phone, All checks must be endorsed correctly. You then need to write on the back of the check below your endorsement: FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY/GREATER PITTSBURGH POLICE FCU. Take a picture of the front of your check (keeping it within the grid) and click accept. Take a picture of the back of the check (keeping it withing the grid) and click accept. You will have to confirm the amount and state where you want to deposit it (checking or savings).

The money will be credited to your account by the next business day.

You cannot deposit checks drawn on a foreign bank, traveleres checks, stale dated (over 6 months), savings bonds, altered checks, or a check that was already processed and returned NSF.

We hope that you enjoy this new product.

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